Q: When are board meetings?

A: Board meetings are held every second Wednesday at 7:30PM at the Lake MacDonald Clubhouse

Q: What if I have this really cool idea that I want the board to do?

A: Contact us.

Q: The streetlight in front of my home is out! Who do I contact?

A: http://www.intolight.com/lightsout.html

Q: How do I contact the board?

A: You can either contact the board through board meeting attendance, email or place a phone call.

Q: Does the board respond to posts on Facebook?

A: Not really. Time and access. Some of the board do not have Facebook accounts or they are not a part of the number of different groups that have been set up by individuals. Any complaint can be brought to the board through attendance at a monthly board meeting, email or placing a phone call.

Q: I see a bunch of Maple Hills Facebook, Nextdoor and other websites which one is the correct one?

A: While there are multiple sites on the web and anyone is able to create a site to their hearts content, http://maplehills.org is the only one that the board maintains and operates.