Big thanks to Jay Hart and the team over at Station 79 for sending us the 4th of July safety packet.  Lots of really great information! Please, take a moment and read through it.  Have a safe and sane 4th of July!

2016, 4th of July safety packet

Comment from Jay Hart on the community Facebook page (6/30/16):

“Last year the weather was exceptionally hot and dry, and the entire field did not have a hint of green grass anywhere. Using the fire truck, we did spray water on a significant amount of the parks perimeter in between the elementary school and the park. Dead yellow grass was approximately 1-2 inches high, and on several occasions, little flares ups from sparks did occur. However, community members were very quick to stomp them out. Last night I checked the park, and it’s a completely different story. This year the grass is green. Temperatures leading up to the fourth are expected to be in the low 70’s with a mild dose of humidity, so as long as everyone behaves responsibly, the crowd should expect to see a good show. Thanks to web master Jason Ament for posting the Safety Packet Eastside Fire & Rescue created to make sure everyone goes home safe.”