If you are planning to bring more than 10 guests to the pool at one time you need to contact the pool manager via email.  The pool needs to have ample time to ensure we have enough staff to patron coverage ratio in place.

~10 Guest passes included per season, additional passes can be purchased for $5 per pass or buy 10 passes and get one free pass. (Passes do not carry over from year to year)

Lifeguards may remove anyone from the pool area for violation of the following rules:


  1. This pool is not open to the public. Paid members only.
  2. All members are responsible for their guests and their guests’ actions.
  3. Proper swimsuits shall be worn in the pool.  See a lifeguard or Pool Manager if uncertain of swim wear.
  4. Admission will be refused to any person with an infectious disease, open sore or wound.
  5. If you have a communicable disease that can be transmitted by water or have been ill with diarrhea or vomiting in the past two weeks, do not use the pool.
  6. Swimmers with seizure, heart or circulatory problems are advised to swim with another person.
  7. Showers are required for all swimmers before entering the pool.
  8. Running or horseplay will not be tolerated in the pool area.
  9. Only approved toys or floatation devices will be allowed in the main pool. If pool occupancy is higher than normal, toys and flotation devices may not be allowed in the pool.  Lifejackets much be Coast Guard approved to be considered for use in the pool.  Swimsuits with built in flotation are permitted to be used in the pool but the supervising individual must be within arm’s reach of the swimmer.
  10. Swim masks and snorkels may be permitted with the approval/discretion of the staff on duty.
  11. Babies and toddlers must have a swim diaper that is fitted correctly to prevent a fecal outbreak while in the pool. It is recommended that an elastic plastic swim diapers be used in the pool.
  12. Diapers must be changed in the designated diaper changing area or the restrooms.
  13. Dangerous weapons are not allowed in the pool premises.
  14. Smoking is not allowed in or around the pool area.
  15. Intoxicating beverages or drugs are not allowed on pool premises.
  16. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool enclosure for your safety.
  17. Animals are not allowed in the pool area.
  18. Children using the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult. The wading pool is for children under 5 years of age.
  19. Non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult or a teen who has passed the swim test. The accompanying individual must be in the water with the child and be within arm’s reach of the child.
  20. A swim test must be given to children 12 and under who want to swim in the deep end independently. Children under 12 may swim in the shallow end of the pool without needing a teen or adult present at the pool.
  21. Children 11 and under must be supervised at the pool by an adult or authorized minor 15 years old or older unless a waiver is signed.
  22. A signed permission slip must be on file at the pool for children who are using the pool under the supervision of persons other than their parents. Forms can be found at the pool or on the website.
  23. Only employees are allowed behind the desk and in the filter room.
  24. In any situation the lifeguards have the authority to enforce all of the rules to ensure the health and safety of the patrons at the pool. In any situation the lifeguards have control and must be obeyed.
  25. Phone and first aid kit for emergency use is located in the office.
  26. Conversations with the lifeguards on the deck actively guarding should keep the conversation short as to not distract the guard from their primary responsibility of supervising the swimmers in the pool.

*Bathing caps are optional; however, we advise that long hair be bound or braided.

*No loitering in the bathrooms or the office.

*Exceptions may be made to rules for special events outside of normal operating hours.

If a person continually abuses these rules, endangers others, or otherwise becomes a nuisance, that person is subject to expulsion from the pool for a time to be set by the Pool Manager. In all cases where the offender is a minor a letter will be sent home explaining why the child is being expelled from the pool. The letter must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Pool Manager.

Definition: A non-swimmer cannot independently swim one complete length of the pool non-stop.

The Swim Test

Individuals who have to take a swim test must complete the following without stopping or pausing:

  • Tread water for 1 minute.
  • Swim the length of the pool.
  • Must be able to exit the pool using the ladder or climbing out under their own power.

If anyone can not complete the following, they will not be permitted to swim in the deep end of the pool by themselves.

Revised 05/2021