Hi neighbors! Following the opening of the new station on May Valley Road, the volunteer station on the northeast corner of park grounds, Station 79, has gone dormant after over 50 years of service in our neighborhood. As a result of over 2 years of talks and negotiations with Eastside Fire & Rescue, Maple Hills Maintenance Company’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the building, which will now gain new life and purpose as our neighborhood Clubhouse. As of February 1st, 2020 we have taken possession of the building and while there is still much work to be done before permitting full occupancy, we would like to invite the Maple Hills community over for a first look at our new Clubhouse and join us in a cleaning party to clear out the cobwebs and dust on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 1 to 5pm. This will be a volunteer event and we encourage everyone to join us, bring your favorite cleaning supplies (ha!) and some snacks and refreshments to share as we work. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and we certainly can’t wait to embark on this amazing community project over the months and years to come. This will be the first of countless community events to clean up the Clubhouse and get it ready for bigger and better events than ever before. Hope to see you there!