MAPLE HILLS BUILDING CODES/REGULATIONS All building plans must be approved by the Maple Hills Maintenance Company Board of Trustees and the Architectural Committee before building commences.

Regulations are as follows:

1. All single level or tri-level dwelling shall have no less than 1300 square feet of finished living area.

2. Two level dwelling (split entry, daylight basement, etc. ) shall have no less than 1100 square feet of ground surface area and a minimum of 1100 square feet of finished living area.

3. “Finished living area” is defined as that occupied by the family. Garages, carports, storage areas, etc., are not to be so defined.

4. All dwelling shall be made of similar or compatible building materials with existing dwellings.

5. All structures for human habitation must be on-site construction. It is possible to get a waiver of this requirement by contacting the Board of Trustees.

6. All dwelling plans approved will contain provision for adequate drainage.

7. All dwelling plans approved will contain plans for a garage or covered area sufficient to house at least one automobile.

8. All fences and miscellaneous structures are to be made of acceptable building materials and must conform to county code.

9. The above codes and/or restrictions are in addition to county building codes.

10. Plans can be delivered to a member of the Board of Trustees and mailed by registered mail to:

Maple Hills Maintenance Co. P.O. Box 3080 Bellevue, WA. 98009

11. If plans have not been returned after a period of 30 days from date received, they are to be assumed as approved.

Effective: 8/9/71 Revised: 7/10/79 Revised: 3/12/85 Revised: 05/18/20