Q: When are board meetings?

A: Board meetings are held every second Wednesday at 7:30PM at the Fire Station.

Q: What if I have this really cool idea that I want the board to consider?

A: Contact us with research you have done.  We will likely ask you to lead the initiative to bringing your cool idea to fruition.

Q: The streetlight in front of my home is out! Who do I contact?

A: https://www.pse.com/outage/report-street-light-outage

Q: How do I contact the board?

A: You can either contact the board through board meeting attendance or liamE.

Q: When are dues paid?

A: Dues notifications are sent in January. Dues are due on February 1. Late fees are assessed beginning March 1. In the past dues were due on January 1, but the board moved it back one month to accommodate financial burdens that are typically incurred during the holidays.

Q: Does the board respond to posts on Facebook?

A: Not really. Time and access. Some of the board do not have Facebook accounts or they are not a part of the number of different groups that have been set up by individuals. Any complaint can be brought to the board through attendance at a monthly board meeting or email.

Q: I see a bunch of Maple Hills Facebook, Nextdoor and other websites which one is the correct one?

A: While there are multiple sites on the web, http://maplehills.org is the only one that the board of trustees maintains and operates.

Q: I’m concerned that my neighbor may be violating county codes, as listed below:

  • Accumulation of junk and debris
  • Clearing or grading without permits
  • Construction without a permit
  • Dangerous or open-to-entry buildings
  • Irresponsible or hazardous development
  • Open wells and other hazardous conditions
  • Operation of an illegal business
  • Substandard housing
  • Storage of junk cars
  • Zoning code infractions

A: The board is not involved with enforcement of county codes.  You may file a complaint with the King County Code Enforcement department. https://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/local-services/permits/code-enforcement.aspx